PSQ-36 FGE (Fusion Goggle Enhanced), 9 Pin, WP, 2376+ FOM


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Available for Commercial sale to US Citizens. 

AN/PSQ-36 Fusion Goggle Enhanced (FGE)- BNVIS, 9-Pin (Factory Demo)

The AN/PSQ-36 Fusion Goggle Enhanced (FGE) (BNVIS) provides US Special Operations Tier 1 units and OGA personnel with a fused thermal and night vision capability in a single integrated module.  We currently have the last FGE Factory Demo units that were prepped and certified at the factory for GOV sale. 

These units feature a full kit with 9-Pin cable (power and data) and have 2376+ FOM White Phosphor tubes with low use (< 50 hours).  The FGE can be viewed with 100% I2 (night vision), 100% Thermal or Fusion image with White Hot, Black Hot and Outline thermal settings. 

Once these units are gone they will not be available again.